Missing U

An animated short film.

This is the tale of the letter named I…

Event / Organization Award / Honor Location Date
Long Beach International Film Festival Official Selection New York, USA September, 2015
Ars Electronica Animation Festival Official Selection Linz, Austria September, 2015
Shorts on the Beach Official Selection Long Beach, USA August, 2015
San Diego Int'l Children's Film Festival (Comic Con) Official Selection San Diego, USA July, 2015
The Other Art Fair Official Selection Bristol, England May, 2015
WonderCon International Children's Film Festival Official Selection Anaheim, USA April, 2015
New Orleans International Children's Film Festival Official Selection New Orleans, USA March, 2015
Tricky Women International Animation FestivalOfficial Selection Vienna, Austria March, 2015
Festival Cinema Giovane Official Selection Pieve a Nievole, Italy March, 2015
Student Filmmaker Awards Best Animated FilmPark City, USA January, 2015
Los Angeles Int'l Children's Film Festival Official Selection Los Angeles, USA December, 2014
International Students Creative Award First Prize--Overseas Category Osaka, Japan November, 2014
Red Rock Film Festival Official Selection Zion Canyon, Utah November, 2014
Puchon International Student Animation Festival Official Selection Bucheon City, South Korea November, 2014
Bradford Animation Festival Official Selection Bradford, England November, 2014
Dublin International Animation Film Festival Honorable Mention Dún Laoghaire, Ireland October, 2014
Be There! Corfu Animation Festival Official Selection Corfu, Greece October, 2014
Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival Official Selection Bristol, England September, 2014
Camp Bestival Daily Screening Dorset, England August & July, 2014
CINE Golden Eagle Award International July 2014
Scratch! International Animation Film Festival Official Selection Lecce, Italy June, 2014
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Official Selection Tokyo, Japan June, 2014
Non Stop Barcelona Animació Official Selection Barcelona,Spain May, 2014
Indieanimator.com Animation of tde Day Online April 2014
CGMeetup.net Featured Short Online April 2014
Studentanimations.com Featured Film of tde Week Online April 2014
The CG Bros Featured Online April 2014
Sonoma International Film Festival Official Selection Sonoma, USA April 2014
Scene 360 Magazine Featured Online March 2014
Everything Animated Featured Online March 2014
The Browser Video of the Day Online March 2014, August 2013
HAFFTube 2014 Finalist Online March 2014
Goodnet [1], [2] Featured Online February 2014, August 2013
SIGGRAPH Asia Computer Animation Festival Official Selection Hong Kong November 2013
Indiedemand Film Festival Staff Pick for Film of the Year Online November 2013
Ritz Premiere International Short Film Festival Official Selection Lincoln, England November 2013
Charlotte Viewpoint Featured Charlotte, North Carolina October 2013
Film English Featured Online September 2013
YNet Israel News Featured Online August 2013
On Video Creative Festival Winner: Audience Choice Award Seoul, South Korea August 2013
Film Shortage Daily Short Pick, Weekend Shortlist Online August 2013
Dailymotion.com Motionmaker Video of the Week Online August 2013
Turnstyle News "Watch This!" of the Week Online August 2013
The Gloss Top Video Pick Online August 2013
Taranaki Daily News Staff Pick New Plymouth, New Zealand August 2013
Sopitas Video de Media Noche Online August 2013
Notes on the Road Featured Online August 2013
Animation Nation Featured Online August 2013
The Kids Should See This Featured Online August 2013
Vimeo.com Staff Pick Online August 2013
Kuriositas Featured Online July 2013
Directors Notes Featured Online July 2013

“Wagstaff manages to make her animation feel sad, inquisitive, and poetic, all with careful arrangements of modeling, texturing, animation, rendering and compositing.” – Notes on the Road

“A new animated short film from Ringling College or Art and Design graduate Brooke Wagstaff that shows her passion for discovering joy in unexpected places.”

“It’s a bold piece which relies on both the ingenuity of the rhyme and the animation and so could fail on two fronts. However, this marvelous animated short by Brooke Wagstaff succeeds perfectly. I do believe I may have found my animation of the year!”

“Brooke Wagstaff crafts an inventive tale of I’s all encompassing journey to find her missing U.”–Directors Notes

“It’s got amazing animation, poetry and a concept that manages to both play to my love of letters AND my love of love. Seriously, if you take a quick mid-week break and watch, I really don’t think you’ll be sorry. “ –The Gloss

“A film like this really makes my day. Clever and witty use of poetry provide for a charming tale as ‘I’ looks for ‘U’ in ‘Missing U’.”
–Animation Nation

“Created by Brooke Wagstaff for her senior thesis, this sweet love story shows how two letters find their missing half, making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.” –Goodnet

“Wonderful animation and poetry in this short film. Clever, funny, touching.”–Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Government of Dubai

Filmmaker photo High Resolution
Script: United States English; Download: TXT, PDF, DOC
Subtitle Files: United States English; Download: TXT, SRT, VTT
Spanish; Download: TXT, SRT, VTT

Film Details

Original / English Title: Missing U
Forms: Animation, Fiction, Narrative, Short
Genre: Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Children
Runtime: 00:02:29 (2 mins : 29 secs)
Language: English
Formats Available: PAL or NTSC DVD (any region), Blu-Ray, NTSC HDCAM, Apple ProRes Quicktime
Subtitles Available: United States English; Download: TXT, SRT, VTT
Spanish; Download: TXT, SRT, VTT
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Year of Production: 2013
Country of Origin: USA
Software used: Autodesk Maya, Pixar’s Renderman, Nuke, The Setup Machine Adobe After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, Premiere
Hardware used: HP Z800 workstations, Nvidia Quadro 4000
Animation techniques: 3D Computer Animation
Music clearance: There is no music in this film.
Website full URL: http://www.missingufilm.com
Social Media: facebook.com/missingufilm; twitter.com/missingufilm
College Contact: c/o S. Trovas, Ringling College of Art and Design, 2700 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34234
Copyright: © Brooke Wagstaff 2013

Synopses and Bio

Log line: The letter I journeys to find her missing U
Short synopsis: An animated play on words about the letter I, a lonely author who lives life with a sigh. Upon discovering that she’s missing her U, I goes on a perilous adventure to find him.
Long synopsis: An animated tale about the letter I, a lonely author who lives life with a sigh. Upon discovering that U is missing, I goes on a perilous adventure to find him. As she journeys through increasingly unfamiliar territory, I is forced to face her fears and grow as a character.
Production notes: This film was created by Brooke Wagstaff as her senior thesis in Computer Animation from the Ringling College of Art and Design. She is responsible for all of the work that went into the film, from story, design, and narration to modeling, texturing, animation, lighting, rendering, and compositing. Though the film was created entirely on the computer in 3D, much care was put into emulating different styles of animation to reflect the complexity of I’s journey. To speed up render times, procedural textures and utility nodes were frequently used instead of complex dynamics or particle effects. The film took a year and a half to make and was limited to the free resources offered by the school.
Filmmaker Bio: Brooke Wagstaff is a 3D artist and animator who recently graduated from the Ringling College of Art and Design with a degree in Computer Animation. A lifelong love of film, theater, and the visual arts has made her passionate about design and making discoveries in both live and animated performance. Filmmaker Photo (High Resolution)

Full Credits

Director: Brooke Wagstaff
Producer: Brooke Wagstaff
Animation: Brooke Wagstaff
Narrator/Voice of I: Brooke Wagstaff
Voice of U: Adam Ratner
Story/Screenplay: Brooke Wagstaff
Visual Development: Brooke Wagstaff
Layout: Brooke Wagstaff
Modeling: Brooke Wagstaff
Texturing: Brooke Wagstaff
Rigging: Brooke Wagstaff
Lighting: Brooke Wagstaff
Rendering: Brooke Wagstaff
Compositing: Brooke Wagstaff
Editing: Brooke Wagstaff
Sound: Brooke Wagstaff
Marketing: Brooke Wagstaff