Despicable Wolf 2 was a fun challenge because I really wanted to make the animation be as cartoony as the drawings are.

For the 2D/After Effects-only characters, this meant a lot of rough animation to figure out how far I needed to push the key poses, then painting those keys to match the original artwork as closely as possible, then breaking up those keys into body parts, then painting inbetweens to smooth the transitions between them. In the case of the wolf, I had to do this four times (one for the regular wolf, one for the granny wolf, one for the regular wolf with underlighting, and one for the granny with underlighting). All of these paintings were incorporated into the rig using replacement animation hooked up to slider controls (see below for a gif of the main controller). I pushed everything further using puppet animation.

The Red Riding Hood symbol was done entirely in Maya (apart from her background), and I had to figure out new tricks to make her texturing and geometry match the original painting as closely as possible.

Video does not contain sound. I am responsible for the animation and puppet creation/rigging only, including any hand-painted inbetweens/ hidden body parts; original art by Ryan Bowlin.


  1. Rough bird and banner animation (Photoshop)
  2. Hand-painted banner frames (Photoshop)
  3. Owl key poses (Photoshop)
  4. Owl rig breakdown (Photoshop)
  5. Playblast of Red Riding Hood’s animation (Maya)
  6. Reference videos and drawings for wolf’s tongue (Photoshop, Premiere)
  7. Underlit regular wolf rig breakdown (Photoshop)
  8. Manipulating the main controller of the wolf rig (After Effects)
  9. Official Slotomania trailer for Despicable Wolf 2
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